I feel like I post every other day about a new movie for Terrence Howard, and this morning comes the news of not one, but two more possible lead roles. Both are biopics, but the roles are about as far as apart as they can get.

The first part is that of 70s superstar turned creepy, violent, hostage-taking Superfreak Rick James, a role that would certainly give Howard the opportunity to show his ability to both sing and play a crazy person. The second role, meanwhile, is that of the much more dignified figure, boxing legend Joe Louis. Though Howard's status for both projects is described by the actor as "in talks," there is confirmation from another source about the Louis project - Spike Lee apparently is set to direct it, and he's personally endorsed Howard for the role.

Seriously, how is he going to do all of these movies? Does the man not plan on sleeping for the next five years or so?

[via Moviehole]
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