Australian musician Nick Cave is a man who wears many creative hats. You may know of him mainly for his prolific work as a solo artist and with his groups The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Or you may know him as an actor and composer. Sight and Sound has an excellent interview with Nick Cave the screenwriter, as he and director John Hillcoat discuss The Proposition, a film directed by Hillcoat off a script written by Cave, he says, in just three short weeks.

The Proposition is an Australian Western pitting a lawman, Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone), against three brothers, Arthur (Danny Huston), Charlie (Guy Pearce), and Mike (Richard Wilson). Fourteen-year-old Mike is captured by Stanley, who threatens to put him to death in seven days if Charlie doesn't return to turn in older brother Arthur. The film also stars Emily Watson as Stanley's wife.

The film is racking up fairly strong reviews on the fest circuit. I wanted to catch The Propositon at Sundance but missed it; now I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed that it shows up at another fest - Seattle International Film Festival, perhaps? I can only hope.

[ via Green Cine Daily ]