Hokey smokes, Al Cabino sure does like sneakers. The young man, who chooses to remain silent about himself, is not at all silent when it comes to his love of footwear, and especially his quest to convince Nike to create a pair of shoes based on the swanky footwear worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II. I mentioned this back in December, and also opined that such online petitions rarely get results. Those in the sneaker biz tend to agree, claiming the shoes would be more for show than anything and not serve any useful function. Yeah, well, Cabino doesn't care. He's garnered over 3,700 signatures, some of which are allegedly from such big names in the recording industry as Lupe Fiasco, DJ AM, and Billions McMillions. Personally, I'd rather have a pair of Inspector Gadget shoes. Now those would come in handy.
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