Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment recently teamed up with Prelude Pictures with the goal of "bring[ing] inspirational films to the marketplace." Their first effort (due out in 2007) is called Our Father, and is based on a story written by the late John Candy's about "A popular priest [who] is transferred from his posh Beverly Hills parish to a poor neighborhood in inner-city Detroit." The duo recently purchased the rights to Bruce Chilton's biography of St. Paul, and plan on making an untitled St. Paul feature their second collaboration.

Chilton's book is based in part on Paul's own writings, and the resulting film is expected to dramatize "how he transformed himself from a ruthless persecutor of early Christians into the founder of Christianity." It's no surprise, given the success of
The Passion of the Christ (which Prelude helped to promote and market), that more religion-themed movies are being made, but this one actually sounds as if it could be interesting even to those without religious inclinations. There's no word yet, however, on when the film might go into production.
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