Perhaps in an effort to place himself above what might just be a fairly crappy movie, Ben Kingsley has demanded that he be billed as "Sir Ben Kingsley" in Lucky Number Slevin's UK promotions. It doesn't appear, however, that the film's lack of quality is totally to blame for Kingsley's idiocy, since he once reprimanded a German reporter who had the nerve to call him "Mr. Kingsley" with "It's Sir Ben. I've not been a Mr. for two years." Ouch.

Happily, his fellow knights have climbed all over him for such ass-tastic behavior, thus restoring the world's faith in fake royalty. Sir Roger Moore, by far the coolest ex-Bond, weighed in with: "It's a load of pretentious bollocks." Meanwhile, Chariots of Fire producer (Lord) David Puttnam, said "I think Ben's barmy and I wish I could just get hold of him and say 'wake up'. It's a silly thing to do." Finally, though he didn't speak on Kingsley's demands, we can easily guess at the feelings of Sir Michael Gambon, who threatened to hit anyone who called him "Sir" when he was filming Angels in America. Michael Gambon rules.
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