Are you one of those gigantic Garden State fans who watch the film several times a week and quote from it daily as if it were the bible? If so, then you'll definitely enjoy the news I'm about to bring you. According to the actor/director himself, Zach Braff may be diving into his sophomore effort this summer. Can you handle that?

Over on his blog, Braff explains that, in just a few months, he may not have anything better to do. "I'm in LA now finishing the 5th season of Scrubs. We wrap on April 15th and I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do this summer. I'm leaning towards directing a film. I've gotten the rights to a foreign film that I'm adapting. I can't get too specific because I'm still working on the deal. But if that comes through, I could very well be directing my second film this summer."

Oohh, like me, I bet you're dying to know what foreign film that is. IMDB lists Braff's next film as Andrew Henry's Meadow, which is based on the popular children's novel, but is nowhere close to being foreign. Is that project dead? What's going on here? Ever since Garden State hit the streets, Braff has built a substantial internet fan base through his blog, and so I'm wondering if those fans will be turned off a bit knowing his next film won't be an original piece of work? All you Braff-heads feel free to chime in now...and if you have any scoop on his next project, do drop us a line.

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