In 1980, a landscaping contractor named John Birges lost a ton of money in the casino at Lake Tahoe's Harvey's Resort Hotel. Threated with foreclosure on his ranch, he realized he needed to get his money back - so he planted a massive bomb at Harvey's and called and told them about it, demanding a $3 million payoff. Unfortunately for Birges, his son - who had been his accomplice - told the cops, who for some reason decided the best way to deal with the bomb was to detonated it and destroy the Resort. (Police work is a little weird sometimes.)

About 25 years later, the son found himself repairing the roof at Pelagius Films, and he asked the pair of producers in the office if he could tell them his story. And, poof, it's a movie! Produced by Pelagius and Firm Films and entitled Bombing Harvey, the film will be written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, and will be shopped to studios starting this week. Ah, the magic of Hollywood.
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