Karyn Bosnak made a name for herself when she ran up massive credit card bills and started a website begging strangers to "Save Karyn" by making donations. Because people are suckers, it worked - not only did Bosnak get enough donations to pay off her debts, but she also got a book deal out of her out-of-control charging. Her follow-up to Save Karyn (which sold a healthy 100,000 copies) is the forthcoming 20 Times a Lady, the rights to which were just grabbed by New Line. Bosnak herself will adapt the book, which "centers on a woman who, having hit her sexual limit at 20 men, decides to track down the other 19 guys in hopes that she's overlooked one who could be 'the one.'" (But, she emphasizes, it is NOT autobiographical. Just in case you were wondering about her sex life.)

Perhaps keeping those credit cards paid off is not the good idea we've always thought it was - I mean, what the hell are we doing, paying our own damn bills? Especially if begging other people to do it will get us not only cash but jobs as well! That's it: from this day on, my debts are piling up.
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