Mike Figgis, who we last encountered directing pornographic lingerie ads, has announced that he'll be continuing his trend of working with hot women when it comes to his next project. Newly-minted Bond girl Eva Green will star in Figgis' The Nazi Officer's Wife, based on a memoir by Edith Hahn Beer. The story is a fascinating one, about a young Jewish law student in Austria who was forced first to a ghetto and then to a labor camp by the Gestapo. Eventually, after leaving the labor camp, she went underground with a friend's identity papers and made her way to Munich (no idea why a Jew would flee to Germany during World War II - hopefully Figgis will make all of that clear). In Munich, she met a Nazi officer who fell in love with and married her despite her background and ethnicity, which he kept secret from his peers. Wow. That sounds exhausting just to watch.

Also appearing in the film will be Alexandra Maria Lara and Thomas Kretschmann; it begins shooting later this year.
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