In the person of Larry The Cable Guy, comedian Dan Whitney is personally responsible for all of the men across the country who are saying "GIT-R-DONE!" and think it's clever and cool. For this alone, I have a bone to pick with him. Deep personal issues aside, however, the prevalence of his catch-phrase makes it clear that the man has a sizable audience and, after missing out on that Jeff Foxworthy feature, Hollywood isn't going to make the same mistake twice: meet Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Whitney stars in the film as, yes, Larry the Cable Guy, who for some reason becomes "a health inspector investigating a mysterious outbreak of food poisoning at the city's swankiest restaurants." I'll let Whitney himself fill in the details: "It's a lot of slapstick, one-liners kind of thing. It's not going to break any box-office records or be nominated for any awards, but I think it's a funny movie...I didn't think I could act, but we'll see, I guess." At least he's honest. if only actual actors would admit the same about their movies, I bet Hollywood would be a much nicer place.

Though the movie was originally made through Paramount, they evidently decided that Lionsgate "would be a better fit to market and open the comedy in theaters," whatever that means. Paramount actually kept home video rights, so they're clearly not dismissing the film out of hand - maybe the kids at Lionsgate just really get the whole blue collar comedy thing. The film is due in theaters on March 24.