Did you know that the people who win Scientific & Technical awards from the Academy (aka the "Awards given earlier" shown in video montage during the actual Oscar ceremony) don't get statuettes? They get plaques, or certificates instead. Certificates!

While the specifics of last night's Scientific & Technology ceremony are over most of our heads ("Much of the evening was devoted to honoring developers of various remote camera heads and systems, including Skycam inventor Garrett Brown and Cascade crane inventor Anatoly Kokush"), the concrete details are not: 30 people received certificates (sigh) recognizing their individual technical achievements, and 13 more were awarded Scientific & Engineering plaques. Among the honorees were six from Pixar, who were recognized for achievements as diverse as "developing...software that's widely used for rendering...human limbs...in CG animation," and "work...on the mathematics used for realistic rendering of cloth with computer animation."

Seriously, why do these people not get actual Oscars? The amount of science and inspiration that is behind the CGI images to which we've become accustomed is mind-blowing - why isn't it as worthy of recognition as, say, editing, or set design?