We reported in November that Sony was putting together a 9/11 film called Reign O'er Me, about "a man who lost his family in the...attacks and has not recovered from his grief. He runs into his college roommate, who is now a psychiatrist and is determined to help him cope with the loss." Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle were then in talks to play the leads (Cheadle as the psychiatrist, Sandler as his roommate), and in the past four months they've become officially attached. Since then, the movie seems to have changed studios: it's now associated with Columbia, which has been working on expanded the cast. They hope it will include Liv Tyler, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Saffron Burrows; all thee are in the proverbial "final talks." Smith will play Cheadle's wife, Tyler one of his colleagues, and Burrows a frisky patient who "has entanglements with both men."

Apart from the cast expansion, by far the most interesting this about this report is the news that Smith has been taking a break from acting "to tour with her metal band Wicked Wisdom." I'm sorry, she WHAT? Jada Pinkett Smith is in a metal band? Since when? For the life of me I can't decided if this is incredibly awesome or hysterically funny. Possibly it's a bit of both, huh?
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