So, check out this lineup for The Metropolitan Opera's upcoming production of The First Emperor: Score? Tan Dun. Director? Zhang Yimou. Costume design? Emi Wada, who's designed for the films of Zhang and Akira Kurosawa. Star? Some dude named Plácido Domingo. I mean, holy crap. I'm not even an opera fan, and even I am desperate for a ticket.

Zhang, who will become the first-ever Chinese director at the Met with this production, last directed opera in 1998 at the Forbidden City. Though their director confesses to liking but "not really understand[ing]" western opera, Met officials (who are taking Chinese lessons - Zhang apparently does not and will not speak English), noting Zhang's guidance of a Raise the Red Lantern ballet and the operatic qualities of his films, aren't worried. "Like his films, this opera is not going to be static. It's a real story with real characters. And it will look gorgeous."

The production will premiere in New York this December, after which it will tour the US.
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