To all those Oscar winners wondering what would happen if you accidentally left your golden statue in a Burger King bathroom, AMPAS is basically saying you're very much screwed. Seeing as taking home an Oscar is a once in a lifetime accomplishment, most take very good care of theirs, and rarely does one show up in the lost and found. However, the case of Hattie McDaniel proves something is a bit off when it comes to AMPAS' current guidelines.

The actress, who won a Best Supporting Oscar for her role in Gone with the Wind, wrote in her will that, upon her death, the Oscar would be given to Howard University. At some point in the 1960s, the statue was either lost or stolen and now AMPAS refuses to replace it. To add insult to injury, Academy Executive Director, Bruce Davis, sent the school a photo of McDaniel and offered to help out should the Oscar show up on eBay. 

Davis also stated that, "[The Academy] rarely reissues statuettes when the actual recipient asks for a replacement. We have never replaced a statuette that has fallen out of the care of an inheriting individual or institution." Perhaps that's somewhat fair, but how hard can it be to replace a statue? I mean, we're not talking the Hope diamond here - can't we just take one away from Steven Spielberg? I'm sure he won't notice.