Woo hoo, another remake! This time, it's French genius Eric Rohmer's Chloe in the Afternoon that is the victim inspiration, and Chris Rock who's to blame behind the update. Rohmer's film "depicted the life of a happily married office worker who daydreams about other women until he encounters the mistress of an old friend who tries to seduce him." Needless to say, the remake - entitled I Think I Love My Wife - will be moved to the US, and will take place in modern-day New York. Oh, and it's now going to be hilarious comedy. Of course it is.

Rock wrote the screenplay with Louis C.K. and plans to star in the film, which Fox Searchlight's president is calling "a modern look at contemporary relationships to which...Rock lends his acerbic and distinctive point of view." In negotiations to direct is Charles Stone, whose Drumline (which I have to confess to secretly loving) apparently led Rock to approach him for a collaboration.

There's no timeline yet for the film's production, but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be a complete insult to Rohmer. I mean, Rock has some talent, and Drumline is great, dammit. It could work. Right? Oh, nevermind.
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