Ever since Martha told us about The Guardian back in early November we've been counting down the seconds before more information about the film became available. Well, this morning we were lucky enough to receive the film's synopsis inside our mailbox and, let me just say, a few of us are quite bruised after fighting to be the first one to read it.

For those of you not in the know, The Guardian will star Kevin Costner as a legendary rescue swimmer who is sent to teach at a Top Gun-like Coast Guard school where he eventually takes rookie Ashton Kutcher under his wing. Yeah, it kind of sounds like Men of Honor meets, well, another crappy Ashton Kutcher movie. Ooohh, only this time he'll learn how to be a hero...and I'll still be here wondering what in the world anyone sees in this guy.

Of course, with any solid training-type flick, there's always an ending in which our stars are thrown into a real life situation. Here, I'll let the synopsis explain: "Upon graduation, Jake (Kutcher) follows Randall (Costner) to Kodiak, Alaska, where they face the inherent dangers of the Bering Sea. In his initial solo rescue, Jake learns firsthand from Randall, the true meaning of heroism and sacrafice, echoing the swimmer's motto..."So Others May Live!" Oh, I can almost taste your anticipation. Fear not, we'll all get a chance to dive into this one when it hits next fall.

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