In an usually complex collaboration, MTV Films, Paramount, and video game maker Midway Games are working together on Wheelman, which will be simultaneously released in theaters and for gaming consoles. In addition, MTV will "produce the game's soundtrack, help sell advertising within the game and market it through its many properties."

The story of Wheelman will be that of a retired driver who comes out of retirement to help a "woman from his past," a lady who is bound to be much more interesting than such figures tend to be in real life. The driver will be played by Vin Diesel in both the movie and the game, and he will be producing both as well. Though there is expected to be some overlap between the game and movie, the former will be written as a prequel to the film's story; the latter is being penned by Rich Wilkes, who wrote xXx, a huge hit for Diesel.

Though the simultaneity of the releases could be sent totally off the rails if either property experiences an unexpected delay, the idea is an interesting one which, if successful, could set a new precedent for how Hollywood views video games. Plus, if we get lucky and the trend of creating games and movies together takes off, it might just mean less work for Uwe Boll.
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