In what has to be some of the funniest news of the day, a group of James Bond fans have come together to boycott Casino Royale because of Daniel Craig's involvement. According to a message on their site,, "the purpose of this site is to protest Bond producer Barbara Broccoli's questionable decision to fire popular Bond star Pierce Brosnan and replace him with an unknown actor with a penchant for oddball roles, Daniel Craig."

Why all the hate for Craig? Beside it being a bit too late for this kind of mass boycott, can't you at least give the guy a chance? As if simply asking real hardcore Bond fans to boycott wasn't enough, the folks behind the website took things a bit further - they've provided you with an angry letter to use and a ton of email addresses for folks at Sony Pictures, MGM and United Artists. Oh, and there's also a petition you can sign, which so far, has only 328 signatures.

Seems to me this looks like a project for people with a little too much time on their hands. Personally, I love the approach they're taking with Casino Royale and think the bold casting choices will breathe some new life into this series. I see no reason to attack Craig's acting before we even see him as James Bond. Yet, if he turns out to totally suck the big one, then maybe I'll swing by and sign your bogus petition. Though, right now, I can think of a million better things to do with my spare time. Thanks for the laugh.