Tony Leung Chiu Wai (the one who's been in a bunch of Wong Kar Wai movies, not Tony Leung Ka Fai) is a big fan of American crime writer Lawrence Block. He's been thinking for a decade about taking one of Block's stories, moving it to China, and making a movie of it, much like Akira Kurosawa did with Ed McBain when he set High and Low in Japan. Instead, though, Leung just he asked Block to write him a screenplay - and Block is doing it. Swwwwweeeeet.

According to Leung, the story will be set in the US and, as a result, will be made in English, with an American-born Chinese central character, to be played by Leung himself. Since the actor says his character is being "changed from an American," the suggestion is that Leung's film will be based on one of Blocks existent novels, but there's no indication in the article of which one.

Hopefully this isn't another one of those tantalizing projects about which we'll never hear another peep. Leung is a fantastic actor and, given his success in crime films made in Hong Kong, it's certain that a Block movie would be a hit there. The problem, of course, is making the transition to the US - is Leung's American audience big enough to make the film worth releasing over here, even when he's speaking English? Please?
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