Did you know that there was a Brazilian bobsled team competing in Turin? Me either. We'll be hearing all about it in a few years, though, when the movie comes out. Clearly inspired by the wild success of Cool Runnings, Eric Maleson, the founder and president of the Brazilian Ice Sports Federation, has sold the rights to his sweet-and-odd life story, which will be rewritten by Tom Musca and turned into a movie called Better than Gold.

The movie will focus on Maleson's experiences in the US in the 1980s, when he met his wife and, with her, became obsessed with bobsledding. Well, to each his own, right? The two married during the bobsled races in Salt Lake City four years ago, when the Brazilian team made its first appearance, and Maleson is currently leading the team - the only South American bobsledders in the Olympics - in Turin.

The movie is expected to have a budget of about $10 million, and the outrageously hot Rodrigo Santoro is in negotiations to play Maleson and make him seem much more attractive than he actually is.
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