Guillermo del Toro has written and directed some bizarrely scary and suspenseful films, such as Cronos and The Devil's Backbone ... and let's not forget Hellboy. His latest film, Pan's Labyrinth, is a horror/fantasy movie scheduled for October release, the perfect time of year for scary-movie viewing. The movie is about a little girl's fanciful, dark "secret world" she creates to escape her grim life in WWII Spain. Sounds like it would make a fabulous double feature with Terry Gilliam's Tideland.

Pan's Labyrinth's official Web site contains a trailer with fleeting images of shadowy creatures. If you want a closer look at these creatures, though, Ain't It Cool News has posted both preproduction art and photos. The photos are a bit drab and grainy but did pique my interest in the film. It's the preproduction illustrations that took my breath away, though, which are credited on AICN as being from art director William Stout. I hope it's not a bad omen for the film that I like the drawings better than the photos from the actual movie, but it may be that the stills don't do the finished film justice. The fansite Del Toro Films has some higher-quality stills from the film, although they're not as creature-ific.
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