In a twist on the standard "turn your hot movie property into a quick video game junker to capitalize on whatever popularity you can seize" storyline, the creators of the upcoming faux-horror adventure flick Stay Alivehope to turn the video game at the center of their movie's plot into a real life video game. In the movie, characters quickly discover that if they lose ("die"- whatever) while playing a certain video game, gruesome deaths likewise occur in real life. Thus can the creators market a video game based on the movie with (presumably) a slightly better ploy than "hey, it has the same name as the movie." They envision a video game more thoroughly connected to the movie, with the film containing hints to hidden secrets and unlockables within the game itself.

Clever? Sure, I suppose so. Although the idea of  "see, it's just like the game in the movie" will probably fade rather quickly when people around you don't start dying as you play. I doubt I'll end up giving this one a try, but least it has a little more thought than the usual tie-in, right?

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