Alamo Drafthouse has the largest and oddest assortment of movie trailers I have ever seen. Last night, I saw a trailer that was strange even by Alamo standards: it was for Chatterbox, a 1977 film about a woman whose vagina develops a separate personality and a lovely singing voice. The singing vagina, known as Virginia, even lands a gig singing the national anthem before a baseball game (shown above). I felt I had to learn more about this odd movie.

I found the best info about Chatterbox on Cold Fusion, which has a full review with photos. The Cold Fusion review is the only evidence I could find that anyone has ever seen the whole movie. The big joke is that although the lead actress does go topless in several scenes, we never actually see Virginia ... it's an R-rated movie. The title was surely meant to lure audiences into thinking the movie was dirtier than it actually is.

stars Candice Rialson, a softcore actress perhaps best known for her role in Candy Stripe Nurses. (IMDb claims that Quentin Tarantino cites Rialson as the inspiration for Bridget Fonda's character in Jackie Brown.) The supporting cast is an amazing lineup of familiar character actors: comedians Rip Taylor (whom I recognized thanks to Amazon Women on the Moon) and "Professor" Irwin Corey; Sandra Gould, memorable from her role as Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched; and Larry Gelman, who played Dr. Bernie Tupperman regularly on The Bob Newhart Show. Better still, the cinematographer was Tak Fujimoto, who has photographed a number of top-notch films in recent years, including Jonathan Demme's films. He was working second unit on Star Wars around the same time that he photographed Chatterbox. And the songs, including one called "Wang Dang Doodle," were written by Neil Sedaka.

Chatterbox is no porn film, it's a silly feature-length sitcom based on a titillating situation, replete with Seventies sitcom actors. It seems to be inspired by a 1975 French film, Le Sexe Qui Parle, but the French movie appears to contain more graphic sex. The trailer and still photos from Chatterbox make me laugh, but I suspect it is one of those movies that looks much more fun from the credits than it is to actually watch. If any of you have ever sat through the film, let me know what you thought.
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