After exhaustive negotiations, Anne Hathaway has agreed to allow Judd Apatow to impregnate her. It's all for the good of her art, of course: Hathaway has joined the cast of Apatow's Knocked Up, in which she'll play a woman who discovers she's pregnant after a one night stand. Though Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd have both already been cast, it's unclear which is the guilty party. For what it's worth, my money's on Rogen. It's time for him to have a starring role.

As far as I'm concerned, anything Judd Apatow writes is likely to be good, and when he's directing as well, the chances of success go up to almost 100% - after all, everything he's directed so far (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Undeclared, Freaks and Geeks, and The Larry Sanders Show) has been pretty much perfect. How could this possibly fail, even with the chick from The Princess Diaries?
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