Without ruining Brokeback Mountain for those who have not seen it yet, there are these two shirts (Old Navy, maybe?) that play a pretty important role towards the end of the film. Well, hoping to make a little cash for charity, Focus Features put the two shirts on eBay and a man by the name of Tom Gregory bought them for $100,000. No, I did not add any zeros to that number - the guy really did shell out a hundred grand for two shirts worth, maybe, 30 bucks.

Oh, but these were the Brokeback Mountain shirts! According to Gregory, "They really are the ruby slippers of our time." Really? Seriously? I'm sure, to some, these shirts represent the struggle many gay citizens face in a world that still hasn't accepted them...or they're just two shirts on a hanger. Regardless, isn't that bit much to spend on a movie prop from 2005? Is it worth it, or will this whole Brokeback Mountain thing fade come a few months from now... just like any other amusing trend? Think about this and come back to it after we see whether or not Brokeback takes home Best Picture next month.