Everyone in Hollywood: stop what you're doing! TOM CRUISE IS LOOKING FOR A JOB. Please send him any and all kickass scripts you have sitting on your desks, and wait until you hear from him before filling any leading male roles. That is all.

Accord to Variety, which seems get the scoop on such things, Tom's narrowed the huge pile of submissions down, and is considering one of a trio of projects as the possible follow up to what is bound to be the great success of Mission: Impossible III. Primary among three is the 3:10 to Yuma remake about which I was freaking out just yesterday. Cruise, who became interested in the film when Collateral scribe Stuart Beattie did a rewrite on the script, would play the Glenn Ford bad-guy part. Sigh. Also his radar are a pair of dramas: Two Minutes to Midnight, an Adrian Lyne project about a man who has to find his kidnapped wife by, yes, 11:58pm, and Fool's Gold (not, disappointingly, the one James Francojust directed), about "a divorced couple who rekindle romance during a treasure hunt." That title combined with that plot are just too easy to write nasty comments about - I'm no manager or anything, but I'd cross that one off the list right away.

Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but the man is a star. Who else makes news by just flipping through some scripts?
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