To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the founding of Mongolia, The Blue Wolf - To the Ends of the Earth and Sea, an epic film exploring the life of Genghis Khan, is being planned. Produced by Haruki Kadokawa, whose  controversial Yamato: The Last Battle (about a Japanese warship sunk by the US during World War II) has done phenomenal business at the Japanese box office, the film is set to star Yamato star Takashi Sorimachi as Khan.

With a budget of about $25 million, the movie will take Khan from his birth (he's descended from a blue wolf - who knew?) in 1162 to his death 65 years later, by which time he had conquered most of Asia. Some of that budget will be saved by the complete cooperation of the Mongolian government, which gives the production thousands of cheap extras to dress up in period gear and throw onto battlefields all over Asia. Shooting will begin in June and is expected to take about three months.

It's too bad that something like this is unlikely to ever see the light of day in the US - who could resist a bloody, period epic, even if it does have subtitles? Come on, distributors - somebody, take a chance!
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