What would the day be without a new annoucement of a graphic novel/comic book property being purchased for big screen movie rights? Well...I don't have the answer for that, because it seems like it has been several years since we've went more than 24 hours without such an occurance. Today's update comes to you courtesy of the genre film company Rogue Pictures, which hides somewhere under the big umbrella of Universal. Rogue has purchased the rights to Devil's Due Publishing's comic series Hack/Slash, created and written by Tim Seeley and Stefano Casel. The title centers around the adventures of a young lass named Cassie Hack who tangles with various serial killers, homicidal maniacs, etc. Todd Lincoln has signed on to direct the film, and will also co-author the screenplay with partner Martin Schenk.

I've never read Hack/Slash, which is probably obvious from my short and very basic description of the story. There's so much out there that it is often hard to know which titles are most worth the time - fans in readerland should chime in and let me know what to think of this news, and why I should pick up a few issues of the comic to peruse.  Is there more to it than just your average thriller/horror story?

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