Sure, Superman Returns won't be in theaters for months, and everyone involved with Batman Begins is outrageously busy for the next year or so. Please. As if any of that could stop Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures (which split the budgets 50/50 with Warners, and will do the same with the films' profits) from going ahead with planning on the next installments of their beloved cash cows franchises. In fact, they've already got release dates penciled in: 2008 for more Batman, and 2009 for another dose of Supes.

Both Christian Bale (a foregone conclusion) and Brandon Routh are on board if Warners picks up their options, and it's also expected that Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer will back at the helms of their respective series. Though it's still possible that Routh will fall right on his legendary package, it nevertheless would be a huge shock if Warner's dumped him after just one movie - even he, probably, will be back.

Obviously, since Batman Begins has already been released and all, that sequel is little further along - David Goyer and Christopher Nolan already wrote a treatment for it, and some Nolan or other (reports are unclear - they say Jonah, but give his credits as those of Jonathan) has been hired to pen the screenplay. Excellent. Let the leaking begin.
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