As if reading the plethora of Oscar related stuff pouring out of Cinematical wasn't enough, prepare yourself, for what I'm labeling, "The most insane marketing campaign evah!" Starting next week, AMPAS will be shelling out the bucks by shoving down our throats an absurd amount of ads spread wide across cable, print, radio and outdoor promos. Oooh, if we're lucky, maybe we'll spot fighter jets streaking through the sky with Oscar banners. Dust off those binoculars people!

While AMPAS claims they've had their marketing campaign planned for awhile, some feel this impending ad blitz has a lot to do with those poor ratings for the Golden Globes and The Grammy's. That, coupled with the fact that our Oscar field is filled with indie flicks, may have some scrambling to get more viewers. Even though ratings were down by about 5% for last year's show, a 30-second ad on this year's show has gone up to roughly $1.6 million. Wait, I swear I hear Billy Joel's Pressure playing somewhere off screen.

As for what to expect from these ads, well, the theme appears to focus on inspiration. Staying away from the actual celebrities and tapping into the overwhelming emotional experience an Oscar broadcast brings, most TV and radio spots will feature past award show memories with the tagline, "Hold onto your dream." Oh, I'll be holding onto that dream all well as my trusty remote control.