Wrapping up today's odds and ends:
  • When we reported that Adam Sandler and Kevin James had agreed to star in it, we detailed the incredibly long path I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry had taken to production - it's been through zillions of stars and multiple writers, none of whom have worked out. And now, yet again, there's a problem: director David Dobkin took off yesterday, "citing big creative differences." Universal claims that they'll hire someone else in time to start this summer, as planned. Sure they will.
  • Mischa Barton, who seems to have forgotten that she can't act, has signed on to star alongside Shirley MacLaine in Closing the Ring. A "romantic epic," the film marks Sir Richard Attenborough's return to direction after a break of nearly a decade. Sadly, the task of wringing a performance out of Barton may well drive him away again.
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