Sci Fi Wire recently heard from Michael Hurst, the co-writer and director of the upcoming independent horror film Room 6, who discussed with them the inspiration he used when creating the project. It is not uncommon for writers/directors to draw from personal experience when creating, and Hurst is no exception. In his case, as a horror writer, he based his work on a subject which held great personal terror for him - hospitals. Hurst explains it by saying "how many buildings are there in society where you go in and you might not come out? Not many. So hospitals, like, they f--king freak me out. So ... the whole thing's based on my incredible fear of hospitals..."

Room 6 tells the story of a woman who attempts to find her fiance after he is taken to a hospital following a terrible car crash. He is taken away in an ambulance to an unidentified hospital, and his fiance (played by Christine Taylor) is forced to check with every hospital in the area - only to discover that her guy somehow slipped through a timehole of some sort and ended up in a hospital that burned down in the 1930s "amidst rumors of satanic activity."

Honestly, I've never had any fear of hospitals - the few times I've had to use one they've turned me back out in better shape than I went it...but I realise that it is a very real fear for some people, and I can understand how they'd make for a good setting for a horror flick, even if it is not a particularly original concept. Genre fans should comment away and let us know what you think.
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