Remember the story from a few days ago about the "long lost WWII" sci-fi flickMonarchof the Moon? The film, if you recall, had been annouced and known as a parody/spoof for quite a number of months, but an amusingly well done press conference at Wonder Con managed to scam several news sources into confusion about the origins of the project. Today, Sci Fi Wire finally realized the truth - even if they continued to pretend like there was some controversy over the origin. In fact, Sci Fi Wire had to get the scoop from a Dark Horse insider before being convinced...but just in case you were one of those few somewhere who actually thought that we were on the edge of viewing a "lost" series, Sci Fi Wire is on the much belated case, clearing away the last vestiges of doubt.

According to their insider, the "legitimate seeming news conference" was in fact "an elaborate hoax and 'creative marketing' effort designed to sell the spoof movie, which was actually shot last year." Imagine that! The news about the spoof movie that we heard all those months ago was, in fact, the truth. Who would have guessed, even with the face of a clearly alive and young actor on the poster art? Sci Fi goes on to suggest that despite modern creative trends in marketing, this is the first time that "filmmakers have gone so far as to hold a news conference and lie flat out to the press."

The source, however, defended the claim on ridiculously accurate grounds, saying "it's obvious that this is being done in the spirit of fun...we don't try to cover it up too much." Honestly, the news of the spoof had been announced previously, and it took me and my little laptop about 5 minutes on the internet to find all the evidence needed to realize that this was a joke. Now I'm not going to nail Sci Fi Wire to the wall; we've all acted on bad information at one point or another, and they did indicate in their original coverage of the story that the origin was in doubt. It's just amusing that the scam worked well enough to have a few people who should have known better seriously entertaining their fabrications.

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