A brand spanking new promotional photo has surfaced for Spiderman 3 which features Spidey himself hunched over as rain crashes down upon him. However, the interesting thing about the photo is that he's wearing all black. Not only does the costume foreshadow the dark events about to take place in the sequel, but it also has a lot to do with one of Spiderman's number one villains...Venom.

While I'm not the biggest Spidey nut in the world, I'm familiar enough to know that the character of Eddie Brock (as played by Topher Grace) fuses with the black outfit to ultimately become Venom. See, this costume is far from skin-tight pants and a mask - it's actually some sort of alien that slowly attempts to become one with whoever wears it. Now, in the comics, there's this whole battle on another planet and Spiderman winds up in black after his traditional red and blue gets destroyed.

Something tells me they will ditch the intergalactic stuff and, somehow, this black costume will be found by Parker on earth. Regardless, this photo has really pumped me up now for the third installment which, in my opinion, will turn out to be the best one so far. What's your take on the black?

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