Jessica Biel has joined the cast of Next, a film adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Golden Man. Dick's short story is about a man who can not only see into the future, but is also allowed and empowered to change the events that he sees. Needless to say, the FBI eventually gets wind of his abilities, and wants to use them to deal with big, international concerns - stuff like, say, stopping global terror attacks. That sort of thing. The man, played by Nicolas Cage, "ultimately is faced with the choice of saving himself or the world." (Whenever I read a plot summary like this, I think of that SNL sketch with Christopher Walken, about the trivial psychic. Why does everyone in sci-fi movies have huge, eminently useful powers?)

Biel will play Cage's love interest (she runs afoul of terrorist, somehow), and Julianne Moore also has a major role in the film. Directed by Lee Tamahori of xXx: State of the Union and Die Another Day "fame," Next isn't expected in theaters until 2007.
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