As you may have heard, Disney's The Wild is a movie about a bunch of zoo animals who find themselves running free in New York City. A lion and a giraffe lead the crew, and they're on the loose in a desperate effort to save one of their friends, who was cruelly taken from the zoo. Ha, great concept! No, no - wait a minute. It actually sounds very'll come to you, give it a second. Yes, that's right: you already saw this movie, back when it was called Madagascar. And, according to a Cinematical spy, the similarity isn't an accident - it was understood among those who worked on The Wild that, early in their developments, The Wild and Madagascar (which was made first, not just released quickly) were actually based on the very same script. Hollywood? Out of ideas? Naw.

So, yeah, the trailer - which was previously released on some sort of temporary Disney site, but has now been unleashed on the wider internet world - is still just like Madagascar, except for a couple of small factors. The first difference is the presence of Eddie Izzard, who voices a koala bear. Putting aside the fact that there aren't any koala bears from Britain, he's hilarious, and brings a bit of dignity to a production that otherwise seems average at best. The second difference - one that comes down very firmly in Madagascar's favor - is an incredibly uncomfortable scene involving a sexually suggestive squirrel. I mean, honestly. Who at Disney thought it was a good idea to include a squirrel slapping his own ass and talking about riding pigeons "bareback"? The realistic flesh-slapping noise is downright creepy.
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