Because the concept of Neil Strauss' The Game wasn't distasteful enough in written form, Columbia has decided to produce a film based on it. Strauss' book, which was based on an article he wrote for The New York Times, "chronicle[s]...[his] transformation from lovelorn loser to lothario" under the guidance of "a man named Mystery, who dispenses advice on the art of seduction using the mantra - find, meet, attract, close." And, in case you were questioning his pedigree, Strauss has a strong literary background: he's a rock critics who co-wrote both How to Make Love Like a Porn Star (with Jenna Jameson, no less), and a Motley Crue biography. Do you want to puke now, or later?

Columbia has placed Strauss' brilliant book (which did sell quite a few copies) in the capable hands of Chris Weitz, who will write the screenplay and produce the film with his brother Paul. Weitz, whose nuanced work on About a Boy was nominated for the best adapted screenplay Oscar, is an undeniably talented writer, so I suppose there's an outside chance he could turn a story about women as objects into something not completely repulsive. Good luck with that, Chris.
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