According to a report in Screen Daily this morning, little Zoe Cassavetes is set to join dad John and big brother Nick as a feature film director. With only a single short under her belt, Cassavetes has lined up an impressive cast to star in her debut, including Gena Rowlands (who she gets to call "Mom"), Parker Posey, and French icon Jeanne Moreau. Entitled Broken English, her film explores the life of a woman in her 30s who "is becoming debilitated by a lack of luck in love." (What on earth does that mean? Like, physically crippled? That seems just a little bit dramatic, doesn't it?)

Despite the impressive cast, the movie's budget is less than $2 million. It's being produced by Andrew Fierberg, Christina Weiss Lurie, and Steven Shainberg (Fierberg produced Secretary, which Shainberg directed) for Vox3 Films, a new independent production house based in New York; in order to succeed, Fierberg believes the studio needs to keep all budgets below $2 million, and that $1 million is ideal. If the money to produce a film cannot be raised within a year and a half, however, he sends writers and directors on their ways, so that their ideas don't die for a lack of funds. Though the company has only completed a handful of projects (including Shainberg's forthcoming Fur, which stars Nicole Kidman), they have six in various stages of development, and hope to "build a library of low-budget films" within a few years.
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