In a move that will bring unusual exposure to a non-Pixar piece of Oscar nominated animation, the Weinstein Company has announced that Blur Studios' Gopher Broke will be showing around the country with Doogal, which opens today. Nominated for the Best Animated Short Oscar has year, Gopher Broke "is a stylish toon about a hungry gopher who devises a madcap scheme that he hopes will provide him with a tasty snack," and will be provided a very posh on-screen introduction by Dame Judi Dench. Not coincidentally, Blur recently announced their intentions to expand the short into a feature, due out in 2007.

While the Weinsteins are surely motivated by an agreement with Blur that brings them a nice pile of cash, given the lukewarm reviews Doogal received in Europe (where it was called The Magic Roundabout), it might not be worth it to put something of high quality in such close proximity to the movie. Why give audiences something to compare it to?