Despite being a highly respected actor in many regards, and a distinguished and amusing gentleman overall, Kelsey Grammer has met with perhaps more criticism than any other casting decision within the X-verse. Grammer recently sat down with the folks over at CBR to discuss the challenges of the role, and his opinions of the film in general. The interview kicks off with a lengthy discussion of the costume work involved, highlighted by his description of his four year old daughter's reaction to him in makeup (she apparently now calls him "Blue Guy") and then moves on to a discussion of Grammer's role in the film and his performance as a popular comic book icon. Grammer discusses the challenges involved with playing a character who already has a built-in fan base with high expectations, saying "Yeah, and you can't live up to those, can you? [Laughs] You just have to put it out there with your soul and your heart, and hopefully people will respond." There's lots of other interesting info in the full interview- I encourage you to check it out here, if you have the time, along with the rest of CBR's greatX-Men 3coverage.

While I enjoy Grammer's work greatly (I loved him in The Big Empty), and I do understand that he could pull of the character on some level, I think I ultimately have to count myself among those that are disappointed by his casting. I can't even entirely pinpoint why – and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and find myself eating crow after I see his performance. Apparently, the people involved have been particularly impressed with him; the assosciate producer has been quoted as saying that The Beast is so great in this film that he could have his own movie on the way. Thoughts?
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