Today's odds and ends:
  • In an interview with an Australian newspaper, Chopper himself (Who, now that he's given up on the crime thing, is touring the country as part of an autobiographical, comedic stage show. No lie.) announced that a sequel to Andrew Dominik's 2000 movie about him is in the planing stages, albeit without the too-famous-to-get-fat-again Eric Bana.
  • In one of the oddest movie moments of all time, rumor has it that Philip Seymour Hoffman is being chased to play Roger Ebert in an in-development Russ Meyer biopic. If this works out, I think it's safe to say that it will be the only time an Oscar nominee plays a real-life film critic on screen. It's almost too meta to comprehend. [Edit: check the comments for Ebert's own debunking of the rumor.]
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