Preparing action against the hopes of a successful reception for Superman Returns, the Suits are already beginning to plan for the possibility of spin-off follow-ups to the Film of Steel. Should they desire, there are a plethora of Super titles and characters available; and the current favorite to get the film treatment is said to be Supergirl. In fact, casting rumors regarding this (possibly maybe) future film have already started to abound, and at the front of the pack is young actress Mischa Barton of OC fame. This news comes from a secretive "movie insider" who is quoted as saying "If Superman Returns does as well as expected this summer then Supergirl will be pushed into the schedule. There are a few actresses in the reckoning and Mischa is at the top of that list."

The recent success of Batman Beginshas suggested to the industry that maybe Marvel isn't the only way to go if you want a big title comic book blockbuster.* As a fan of comicdom in general, I'm rather pleased that DC is getting some silver screen lovin', even if I'm more of a Marvel kid myself. Do I care if Supergirl gets a movie? Not really...but I'm sure there are plenty of DC fans out there who find this news much more pleasing than the announcement of, say, a Deathlok flick. I'm just pleased to ride out this comic book to movie wave for as long as it'll carry me.

*Of course, the warm fan reception given to films such as Hellboy andSin City helped, too.