News Askew has an update on Clerks 2 -  in which Our Hero, Dante (Brian O'Halloran), moves from one slacker job at a convenience store to another at fast food joint Mooby's - from Silent Bob himself, director Kevin Smith. Smith stopped by the News Askew board with a couple of interesting tidbits to entice the hoards of Smith fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Clerks sequel.

The most important update is the official release date of the film: August 18, 2006 (so all you Smith-o-maniacs can buy your pup tents and lawn chairs and get ready to wait in line). The trailer is almost ready to go; it's in the hands of the Weinstein boys, and if all goes well, will show at the head of Scary Movie 4. Um, hopefully it will also be online, because I'm sure as hell not paying to see Scary Movie 4 just to see the Clerks 2 trailer. Also, if you're in NYC, there's a version of the flick screening on February 27 (no, I don't know where, but if one of you New Yorkers knows, post it in the comments and let folks know), and they just finished the sound mix for it so, yay! The screening will have sound!

News Askew also has links to three articles on the film, so go check 'em out.

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