Slain independence leader Mahatma Gandhi is no longer politically correct in India, now that militarism is gaining in popularity, says Indian-born director Deepa Mehta, who included words from Gandhi in her filmWater. Mehta spoke at the Bangkok Film Festival, where Water - the third in a trilogy of films including Fire (1996), about the relationship between two sisters-in-law in loveless marriages, and  Earth(1998), about religious strife in the city of Lahore when India was suddenly granted independence in 1947 -  was screening.

Water, about the plight of castigated widows in India in the 1930s forced to live together in disgrace and brutal poverty, has been a long time in the making. Filming originally began in 2000 in India, but had to be shut down because Mehta was receiving daily rape and death threats from aggressive Hindu Nationalists protesting the film. The film was recast and re-shot several years later in Sri Lanka. Cinematical will be reviewing Water in early March.

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