You know things are getting weird when an internet movie critic-type guy is awarded his own character in a film. Jorge Garcia (Lost) will be playing Harry Knowles from AICN fame in the upcoming Fanboys flick...and all I wanna know is when us Cinematical folks will get our turn?

Apparently, in the film, Knowles will be responsible for providing the fanboys with knowledge on how to get into the Skywalker Ranch. Though I believe this is the first time an actor has been cast to play an internet fanboy in a feature film, there was that Entourage episode in which the boys hired strippers to please an internet writer so that he wouldn't say anything bad about their movie. When the episode aired, it was rumored that the character was based on Knowles, but nothing official was ever said. Produced by Kevin Spacey, Fanboys begins its production next month. Oh, and if Brad Pitt is available, feel free to throw yours truly into the pic as well.


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