Before he directed Old School and Road Trip, Todd Phillips, along with his partner at the time, Andrew Gurland, won the 1998 Grand Jury Award at Sundance for their documentary, Frat House. Afterward, the film's rights were immediately snatched up by HBO when buzz for the flick was at its highest. However, something happened, and since then HBO has refused to air the documentary as well as allow the filmmakers to self distribute. Yes, it vanished...until now.

Pic, which follows Phillips and Gurland into the secret underworld of fraternity pledging, isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff, and although everyone has their opinion, until this day we still don't know why it disappeared. In my circles, friends say that, halfway through the filming, the fraternities woke up from their drunken stupor and realized a lot of the actions being caught on tape could be deemed criminal and, well, incredibly moronic.

Thus, they decided not to be involved anymore, which then forced Phillips and Gurland to stage the rest of the film. Could this be why HBO never aired it? Because it's a fake documentary? Either way, the film did little to slow down Phillips, who eventually went on to direct some of the more beloved comedies in recent years. Is it real? Is it fake? Judge for yourself, the thing just showed up online.