Though he had essentially no hope of topping Halle Berry's performance earlier this month when she graciously accept her award as Harvard's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year, Richard Gere nevertheless appears to have acquitted himself reasonably well at a ceremony last night during which he was named Berry's male equivalent.

In addition to donning armor, a mysteriously be-pocketed bra, and a blonde whig, Gere reportedly did a lot of dancing at the event (often while wearing gold pumps): his partners included a dragon, a ribbon (with which he engaged in some disappointingly not-dirty-at-all rhythmic gymnastics), and a drag version of Berry. He also proved that his films are as transitory to him as they are to the rest of us when he had to ask his wife to remind him what, if anything, happened in The Mothman Prophecies. The crowning glory of the evening, however, was a Chicago-style song and dance number featuring a bit of well-received cleverness about the fact that Harvard is currently lacking a president.