Making fake trailers is hard enough, but movie mash-ups are something else entirely. With live-action films, it's damn hard, because you're restricted to what the figures on screen are actually saying, and any attempt to join one movie's images with the audio of another will usually result in editing that is necessarily so rapid as to be seizure-inducing. And who's going to want to watch that? When you're working with animation, however, it's a different story. Sure, when the characters are talking, their words seem to sync perfectly with their mouths. But admit it - if you mute Finding Nemo, you really can't read Dory's fishlips. Right?

So, using that fact to his advantage, someone has put together a trailer for a movie called Toy Story 2: Requiem, which combinines the audio from Requiem for a Dream with visuals from Toy Story 2. Though the sound is a bit muddy at times, it's pretty good - who knew that cute little Yodeling Cowgirl was a junkie?
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