Confession time: I adore Pedro Almodóvar. From the moment I accidentally saw High Heels (In a theater. With my dad. Yes, the oral sex scene was very, very awkward.), I've been utterly in his thrall - no matter what he does, I'm a sucker for the warmth, humor, and resilience in his films. So, with that out of the way, I will attempted to present an unbiased summary of his newest film. No I won't - never mind. Volver is the story about a woman who, after her death, "returns to her home town in order to fix the situations she couldn't resolve during her life." The longer she hangs around, the more of a comfort she becomes to her daughters (played by Lola Dueñas and the glorious Penélope Cruz) and granddaughter. Just reading that, I can already imagine the fights between the inevitably tough women, and the grudging affection as they slowly give in and start to appreciate one another. Sigh.

The first trailer for the film just went up on what looks like an official site and, though it'll make a hell of a lot more sense if you can speak Spanish, it nevertheless offers an appealing glimpse at the film's emotional feel and visual style. Volver opens in Spain in just a few weeks, and will hit LA and New York - thank you, Sony Pictures Classics - in late June. (I'll be the one camping out outside the theater.)

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