In a shocking turn of events, a foreign remake of an American film just won a ton of major film awards - who would have guessed such a thing was even possible? Last night, though, it happened, when Jacques Audiard's The Beat That My Heart Skipped - a remake of James Toback's Fingers, which starred Harvey Keitel - made a mockery of the Cesar Awards (yes, those are the proverbial French Oscars). In a sweep so massive that the director described it as "embarrassing," Audiard's film took home eight of the 19 available awards, including those for best film (a category in which it beat out France's best foreign film Oscar nominee, Merry Christmas) and best director.

Also being recognized at the ceremony were Hugh Grant, who one can assume stammered charmingly while accepting his career achievement (?!) award, and Million Dollar Baby which, bizarrely, was named best foreign film.